In recent years, we’ve become increasingly attached to our virtual lives. What’s the point in going to a restaurant or eating anything if you don’t notify the Internet about it?

Having brunch with your girlfriends? Not until Facebook knows about it.

Getting some cheese in your belly at Frankies? It won’t taste right until you put an Instagram filter on it.

Your stomach simply won’t be satisfied until you #foodgasm.

Indeed, this is the harsh reality we live in. There is no social without media. But once upon a time there was… people could eat and enjoy freely with their friends – you know, the ones who are there, physically, in the moment. Hours would be spent trying to figure out who that guy was who played that character on that show. The answer was always at the tip of your tongue, not a Google search away. Fun was had and laughs were shared regardless of how many Likes your photo got on Facebook.

GroupDiner believes fun times can be had with or without your iPhone, so long as you have a Social Foodie in your midst. We are here to restore the faith that with or without that Instagram filter, your food will still taste great, your friends will still be great company, and yes, this is really happening.

Social experience and discovering new restaurants and tastes are the greatest joys of dining out – and that’s exactly what GroupDiner is all about. GroupDiner is here to offer Sydney a platform of discovery in the simple form of a restaurant bookings system. We are here to allow Sydney’s Social Foodies to get the most out of their dining experiences. With GroupDiner, discovering new restaurants is easy, booking said restaurants is easy, and having fun with your friends is even easier.

So what are you waiting for? Embrace your inner Social Foodie and experience this reality by using GroupDiner today. Guaranteed Restaurant Bookings and Discovery Online.